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Certificate 4.0

Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?

Certificate 4.0 (cert 4.0) takes its name from Industry 4.0.

Coming to the agenda with the Fourth Industrial Revolution; It is a new project that emerged first on the internet of things, smart factories, and data collection in the production environment.

Certificate 4.0 also gives a new meaning to certificates. Machines used in industry should only be used by people trained in the use of these machines. However, in organizations with a large number of employees, it is not possible to control who uses the machines. Cert 4.0 solves this problem.

The enterprise where the machine is used carries out training on the use of the machine through in-service training or training from outside. The certification process of the training is done through Thus, it is registered that the participant has actually received this training.

A digital lock is placed on the machine. Personnel who come to use the machine introduce themselves with any identification system (card reading, finger face reading, etc.). Cert 4.0 checks whether the personnel have received the training required to use this machine (the number of training may be more than one, for example, machine use training and occupational safety training), via

If the staff has received these trainings, the machine works.

Thus, the use of the machine by uninformed personnel about technical and / or security issues is prevented. Cert 4.0 prevents work accidents and machine problems due to lack of information.

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