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Our story

Tifika's Story:

We established Tifika Bilgi İletişim Danışmanlık Ticaret Limited Şirketi with three partners in the Ankara University Technology Development Zone in 2016. Our primary goal was that the real evaluation of the trainings provided by the trainers could only be made by those who attended that training. However, the event participants did not make this assessment easily. We have designed a model in which assessors can obtain a digital participation certificate. As we continue to improve our business model, we have found the lack of a common platform where event organizers can express themselves more accurately and deliver their activities precisely to their target audience. Based on this point, we have prepared an infrastructure where those who organize events such as training, seminars, panels, conferences, congresses (we call them development events) can register and sell tickets.

Right now, after creating the "Instructor" profile on, you can open an event and receive participant registrations. After the event is complete, you need to mark your registered attendees on Because the basic logic of the certificate is to ensure that real trainers give the digital participation certificate to the participants who actually attended the event. After you approve the participant, the participant receives an evaluation form. Participants who complete their evaluation will also have access to digital participation certificates.

This is the story of Tifika. In the meantime, let's answer for those who still haven't guessed what a certificate means. Certificate of the certificate :)

Tifika will continue to progress in its field with new and different projects. You can find detailed information about Certificate 4.0 , our Industry 4.0 project, which is one of the best examples of this and enables the certificates issued at the end of the training to be used as a key.

The story of

All of the processes we carry out at Tifika, such as event creation, registration, confirmation of participation status, and sending a digital participation certificate, turned into a major operation at the point we arrived. Especially operations related to the sale of event tickets are a business in itself. Therefore, we decided to go deeper vertically by separating the platforms from each other.

Our ticket sales operations at continue. Moreover, it has a more advantageous and integrated structure for organizers who want to issue a digital participation certificate at the end of the event. We created for organizers who do not want to issue a certificate of participation and are looking for more alternatives in ticket sales.

Features such as the sale of Education Tickets, discounts, and free participation rights are available at Moreover, we have placed the appointment system on for those who provide services such as consultancy, coaching and mentorship.

We are sure that will be the first address that comes to mind among event registration systems in a short time.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

Tifika Team

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