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Postponement and Cancellation of Events: If any of the Events organized by the Organizer is postponed, canceled or one or more shows of the Event is not completed after the ticket sale has started (including violation of the Organizer or Force Majeure), the parties will agreed that the provisions will apply.

  1. Tickets must be canceled for each ticket sold through the Sales Network that has been invalidated for cancellation, postponement, or similar reasons, including the cancellation, postponement or failure of a show of the Event, or similar reasons, or because an Event is postponed and the Consumer is unable to attend the Event on the new date. is not obliged to make any payment or refund to the Organizer over the invalid tickets ("Invalid Ticket").

  2. agrees to return to the Consumers the fees collected from the Consumers for the Invalid Tickets sold through the Sales Network.

  3. The Organizer will announce the cancellation of the Event and the related refund procedure and policy by announcing it and the event's website and social media accounts. The organizer must obtain the approval of for sharing the content of all advertisements in question.

  4. For each Invalid Ticket sold through the Sales Network, the Organizer will pay a Cancellation Fee of 3 TL + VAT to and 2% + VAT charges for the virtual pos and credit card commissions for the sales made until the cancellation of the Event.

  5. Due to the postponement or cancellation of the event, all expenses, including the expenses related to the promotion of the event made by and its employees until the cancellation date, will be paid to in cash and in lump sum by the Organizer.

  6. Consumers accept, declare and undertake that the sale of the ticket sales service is the final sale and that does not have any cancellation, refund or change rights as a result of their purchase. Consumers can transfer the event tickets they have purchased with the methods they will determine. All risks that may arise during the transfer process are among the Consumers who carry out the transfer. cannot be a party to any adverse situation that may arise from the transfer process. The Consumer, who first purchases the ticket subject to the transfer, accepts, declares and undertakes that will compensate all material and intangible damages due to the transfer subject to the ticket.

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